Branching Hearts

Our Mission

Ultimately, we are focused on improving the heath and lifestyle of vulnerable children in developing countries. The objectives of this organization range from short term to long-term goals. Our short-term goals include increasing the number of trained teachers certified to administer courses to high school and middle school students in First Aid and CPR, Disaster Preparedness, Hygiene, Nutrition and Mental Health. Practical training will be an essential part of this project and the teachers will be encouraged to take on the responsibility of sustaining these courses for future students. Our long-term goals include making a feasible curriculum that can be implemented in many primary and secondary schools within developing countries and working with Ministers of Education to advocate for health course curriculums and encourage their implementation in governmental public schools.

About Us

Children's Health Education Curriculum

Branching Hearts is a non-profit organization that is targeted at advocating for Children’s Health Education in private and secondary schools in developing countries. We work with the International Federation of the Red Cross/Crescent Societies, the Global Health Leadership Institute at Yale and various Health and First Aid NGOs globally in order to implement sustainable health education courses in schools.

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