May 7, 2015


Branching Hearts is a student run non-profit organization that is targeted at advocating for Children’s Health Education in private and secondary schools in developing countries. As a student organization we work with the International Federation of the Red Cross/Crescent Societies, the Global Health Leadership Institute at Yale and various health and First Aid NGOs globally in order to implement sustainable health education courses in schools.

Our programs are multifaceted and range from co-curricular school clubs, curriculum implementation within schools, first aid training for traffic volunteers and community outreach to youth in vulnerable areas. We work with secondary school students in Mekelle, Ethiopia to teach First Aid, mental health, hygiene, disaster risk prevention and nutrition. We also support community-based intervention in first aid and health for Afghani Refugees in the Marshad region of Iran.

These programs require a lot of funding in order to be managed and implemented therefore Branching Hearts works hard to help raise awareness and fundraise for these initiatives. All funds used are reviewed and agreed upon based on a budget set by the NGOs through careful calculation of program costs. If you would like to join our team and assist in any way check out our page “Work With Us”. We are open to new ideas about fundraising and new projects that may interest us. We would also very much appreciate your time and assistance and welcome new members to our team.