May 7, 2015

Current Projects

Ethiopian Red Cross Society 

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The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS), established in 1935 in Addis Ababa, is an independent organization that plays a vital role in preventing and alleviating suffering of Ethiopian citizens and contributing to the prevalence of peace through the Geneva conventions. ERCS has been involved in humanitarian relief and services including training and deploying first aiders and ambulances in regions in need of emergency medical care.

In 2015, alongside founder of Branching Hearts, Rehab Abdelwahab, the ERCS researched effective strategies to implement health education courses and applicable health training programs for students within Ethiopia. Together they prepared a proposal detailing the goals and project plans of the children’s health education curriculum initiative. The Tigray Regional Branch Ethiopian Red Cross Society approved this proposal and stated that it clearly aligns with their vision and mission as an organization to improve the health and lifestyle of vulnerable citizens within Ethiopia.

During the summer of 2015, ERCS and Branching Hearts administered  the first of these health courses  in Atse Yohannes High School, an English taught private school located in Mekelle. Together they conducted familiarization workshops for the Ethiopian Red Cross Board, the Regional Education Bureau and administrators and teachers from Aste Yohannes High School. Teachers from Aste Yohannes High School were then trained in First Aid, Disaster Preparedness, Hygiene, Nutrition and Mental Health by ERCS and Professors from Mekelle University. The trained teachers are currently heading up a Co-Curricular course named “Health Club” in where they teach students a detailed health course and examine the students on their progress and learning. The success of these courses are currently being evaluated and presented to the Regional Bureau of Education and then the Ethiopian Ministry of Education to advocate for health course curriculums and encourage their implementation in all schools throughout Ethiopia.

However, in order to help fund the training of teachers and implementation of these courses in Aste Yohannes High School we need your help. Please donate now and help educate vulnerable Ethiopian children about how to live a healthier lifestyle and support the first ever children’s health education curriculum in Mekelle!